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January 2, 2024/

A new theory challenges our assumptions about numbers and their properties in mathematics, where abstract ideas and complex calculations are common. In Qiang Wang’s book “Principles of Large Number Domain,” cardinality, infinity, and integrals are rethought in ways we never imagined, taking us on an unforgettable and exciting journey. Let’s…

January 2, 2024/

Ready for a journey that will test your beliefs and domain expertise? The intriguing “Principle of Large Number Domain” by Qiang Wang examines infinity paradoxes. Wang deciphers Georg Cantor’s mysterious theories and illuminates large number domain theory, taking us into unknown territory. The book’s many innovations include the claim that…

January 2, 2024/

Aristotle and Euclid’s ideas have shaped civilization throughout history. Their deep mathematical understanding laid the groundwork for future advances. In his engaging work “Principles of Large Number Domain,” Qiang Wang explores these mathematical axioms and their historical impact on civilization. Euclid was a top mathematician in ancient Greece. He created…

January 2, 2024/

New ideas in mathematical study profoundly impact people’s thinking. While challenging long-held views maintained for a long time, it gives a unique insight. Qiang Wang’s “Principle of Large Number Domain” is a revolutionary approach to mathematics that seeks to modify and explain infinity. The book addresses enormous numbers and the…

January 2, 2024/

Mathematical infinity, meaning “without end,” has fascinated people since humanity began. Secret for a long time. In his seminal work “Principles of Large Number Domain,” by Qiang Wang, ancient mathematicians and contemporary pioneers fearlessly probed the undiscovered domain of infinite numbers and their tangled relationships. Based on the hidden constant…

This book describes a series of the authors' original discoveries in a simple scientific way, and it is appropriate for readers with a high school diploma or higher.

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