Beyond Limits ─ The Intriguing World of Cardinality and Integration

A new theory challenges our assumptions about numbers and their properties in mathematics, where abstract ideas and complex calculations are common. In Qiang Wang’s book “Principles of Large Number Domain,” cardinality, infinity, and integrals are rethought in ways we never imagined, taking us on an unforgettable and exciting journey. Let’s explore this fantastic mathematical theory’s fascinating concepts.

In his book “Principles of Large Number Domain”, Wang proposes a new infinity concept. Wang uses “cardinality” instead of the symbol for infinite value. This paradigm shift enables a deeper theory analysis.

A fascinating aspect of the theory is its integrative strategy. This book examines adding all fractional numbers between zero and one in a one-dimensional integer domain. This method determines the recursivity of a fraction. Despite its simplicity, the formula offers a new perspective on mathematical integration.

Wang’s theory includes one-dimensional fractions as well as objects. Knowing the sum of all real numbers generated with fractions as the exponent and integers as the base makes sense. We find the solution to lead us to many real numbers used sparingly in mathematics textbooks. Despite their infinite nature, these figures belong to a distinct and often overlooked mathematical field.

Now that we are exploring the “Principles of Large Number Domain,” we will discuss the integral of a two-dimensional integer and fraction domain. The theory begins to show its true colours. Wang’s integral calculation method is novel. Calculate the total fractions in two dimensions using the formula. Combining the fraction and integer domains will give mathematics new challenges and opportunities.

Wang’s theory offers a new way to solve complex math problems, which is refreshing in mathematics. The book’s detailed explanations make it easy for mathematicians to grasp its concepts. Many abstract ideas are presented in this book.

Qiang Wang’s “Principles of Large Number Domain” are more than just a new mathematical theory—they improve our understanding of numbers’ properties. The book’s imaginary world redefines cardinality, infinity, and integration. Whether you’re a mathematician or just fascinated by numbers, this book will expand your horizons.

Qiang Wang’s groundbreaking mathematical theory book “Principles of Large Number Domain” challenges many mathematical presumptions. This article revisits cardinality and introduces new ideas and methods for complex mathematical problems. This book is essential for anyone interested in exploring mathematics outside conventional mathematics. Entering the unexplored world of a large number of domains reveals almost infinite possibilities.

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This book describes a series of the authors' original discoveries in a simple scientific way, and it is appropriate for readers with a high school diploma or higher.

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