Beyond Numbers: From Implicit Whispers to Explicit Axioms in ‘Principle of Large Number Domain’

Qiang Wang’s “Principle of Large Number Domain,” a classic in mathematical philosophy, delicately balances existence and axioms. This exploratory journey brings us to the intersection of explicit and implicit characteristics, revealing mathematics’ fundamental building blocks.

Wang investigates reality’s essential qualities and proposes that mathematics’ axioms come from them. The mathematical axiom system is built on these qualities when fully developed and adorned outside. Problem: existence’s generative genes hide many traits, only the explicit ones are visible.

Implicit attributes, proposed by Jin Wang, are an intriguing new thread in Aristotelian philosophy. Implicit characteristics are the latent potential and untapped wonders in generative genes waiting for the right conditions to reveal them. Jin Wang believes these qualities are the unseen masterminds behind existence’s second distinguishing feature.

The book explores the ever-changing course of existence while we consider our overt and covert traits. Modern traits, especially the second distinguishing characteristic, are not innate. Each historical epoch brings new traits while retaining some old ones, creating an intriguing dance of quantitative change without sacrificing development quality.

 Jin Wang’s futuristic view is that implicit traits display generative genes’ latent potential. Although intangible, these qualities may become tangible over time. Given time and favorable conditions, they can develop mathematical axioms.

The investigation raises questions about the universe’s limitless potential. The generative genes contain much more than just the visible traits.  Jin Wang’s idea inspires us to imagine an endless tapestry of implicit qualities that change with every person’s actions worldwide.

The “Principle of Large Number Domain” challenges us to explore the mathematical cosmos’ limitless potential, where secret attributes unlock previously unreachable dimensions. This intriguing exploration of existence and attributes makes us curious about the mysteries of the infinitely large number field while improving our understanding of mathematical axioms. I hope you’re ready for an exciting journey with Qiang Wang’s brilliant work.

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This book describes a series of the authors' original discoveries in a simple scientific way, and it is appropriate for readers with a high school diploma or higher.

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