From Cantor to Qiang -- Revolutionizing Mathematics with the Large Number Domain

In the massive field of mathematics, a realm exists beyond our conventional understanding—infinite possibilities and uncharted territories. “Principles of Large Number Domain,” a groundbreaking book by Qiang Wang, lets you find your way in this fascinating world.

Humans have discovered many mathematical miracles after centuries of studying numerical relationships. Though important, the complex relationships between cardinalities and number domains have received little attention. Wang’s work advances mathematical discovery and challenges our understanding of math. 

Imagine a place where mathematics blends quantitative and qualitative scales. The theory of the large number domain is based on revolutionary philosophical ideas. Using clear and concise language, Wang helps readers of all educational levels understand even the most complex concepts.

Mathematical geniuses like Georg Cantor have changed modern mathematics and human civilization. Cantor’s continuum hypothesis, despite its shocking value, opened up a new field of study that the theory of the large number domain is now boldly exploring. Big data is this new frontier.

Due to its high cardinality, the large number domain allows for new mathematical discoveries. Both things are essential to the future of mathematics like a nation’s population size is to effective governance.

One goal of large number domain theory is to clarify the connections between all infinitely large number domains. Quantifying the infinite is a goal of this theory. This new perspective on numbers and mathematical domains goes beyond long-standing mappings.

Wang’s work inspires us to question our assumptions as we enter a new frontier in mathematics. The continuum hypothesis, once considered the boundary of mathematical inquiry, now underpins an unprecedented exploration of large numbers.

The concepts in this book are more advanced than in most math textbooks. Join us on this intellectual journey where numbers become an infinitely complex, seamless tapestry of possibilities. Exciting developments in large-scale statistics are ahead. Every page in the quest to understand infinity brings us closer to revolutionary mathematical discoveries that will open up new possibilities for humanity.

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This book describes a series of the authors' original discoveries in a simple scientific way, and it is appropriate for readers with a high school diploma or higher.

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